The scatter plot on my home page is my attempt to answer the seemingly harmless question "Have popular songs become less unique?" But don't be fooled! That is a demon question - answering it was anything but easy. You see making that chart meant I first had to overcome challenges in data collection, correction, storage, organization, and communication. In fact answering that question required breaking it up into over 508 smaller questions. One by one I wrestled those and, as if creating a personal Stackoverflow, I took note of each answer. This page is the record of that work. For tour guiding reasons I've included the big picture questions directly below;

... the other hundreds of questions mostly had to do with learning R (it was my first time), scraping websites (also my first time), and wrangling data. Finally, one should ask if my findings align with other research. They do! The main conclusion from my work was that Rap music injected the Billboard 100 with a surprising amount of lyrical variety starting in the 90's... mainly from an explosion of artists using more slang in their prose. You'll observe that my last note in this journal was April 18th 2015 and two weeks later the Royal Society Open Science journal published a paper (see here and here) in which the authors reached the same conclusion, albeit with far more fidelity (and expense). How exciting!?!